Archoil® was founded in 2010 by Andrew Archer, David Zevetchin and Rick Dragos as a leading supplier of high performance Nano lubricants and fuel treatments. The original potassium Nano-borate technology in AR9100 moved the bar and paved the way for further advancement in solid boundary lubricating technologies. Our original high-strenth polyetheramine-based AR6400 set the benchmark in fuel detergent performance.

Archoil® has evolved into a multinational supplier of cutting edge technologies and consultancy in the field of tribology and fuel enhancement. Our loyal customers trust us to deliver the highest quality hence our commitment to continued product development resulting in the improvement to our core products.

Archoil® continues to lead the field with a wide range of proprietary technologies that deliver unrivalled lubrication performance and transform the quality of all road, rail and marine fuels.


Advanced Friction Modifier & Oil Additive

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